Words from clients:

We have used Peter Glass Woodworks for half a dozen or so pieces of furniture in our home over the last few years. They have all turned out beautifully. After detailed discussion on design and details, the finished product turned out to be exactly what we wanted. The ability to produce quality products and match existing finishes is a rare skill. The price of each item although not cheap, was quite reasonable for the excellent quality we received. We plan to continue to use this company.
— David
Peter Glass built floor-to-ceiling quarter sawn oak shelves in the library of my custom home. It was listed as one of the very special features when I had to sell it. His work is stunningly beautiful, functional, and built to last a lifetime or three.
— Vivian, on Houzz.com
In 1995, Peter Glass custom-made a tiger maple bookcase and cabinet for me and it is one of my most treasured possessions. When I commissioned this piece, Peter worked with me so not only would it be a beautiful design, but practical, too. Peter made sure the shelves were deep enough for my large art books and the cabinets had ample room for my photography equipment. Peter Glass approaches making each piece of furniture like a work of art. He has an exceptional talent for bring out the character in wood. My bookcase is certainly a testament to Peter’s skills. Over the years, the bookcase’s tiger maple color has developed a warm glow and the finish is as silky as the day it was delivered. I consider Peter’s bookcase to be a family heirloom in the making. Peter also made a mahogany TV console and mahogany and burl entry hall table and mirror, also excellently designed and crafted, and aging beautifully.
— Mary F., New York
The armoire...is now assembled and in place in the living room. It is beautiful, wonderful, lovely and most other positive adjectives that I could think of to describe it. It adds a glow to the room. It feels good when you open and close it. It even sounds good when you do the same. We couldn’t be happier with the care you put into selection of the materials and the workmanship which shows everywhere on the piece and the resulting piece of furniture that will last for generations. Thanks so much for creating this work of art.
— C.M. Bates
Peter was a real pleasure to work with. He is very enthusiastic about his work and we had such a personal experience. He listened to everything we wanted and honestly built us a family heirloom. We could not be more excited about the beautiful coffee table which is now the center piece of our new home. Peter also fixed a wood structure that broke in our dry weather. It looks brand new! He is incredibly talented and highly recommended
— Amy G., Boulder, CO
My husband and I searched through countless furniture stores looking for the piece we needed, to no avail. Thankfully, a friend finally recommended Peter’s custom work to me. Through several conversation and back and forth with pictures of colors and different leathers, he designed the perfect ottoman/coffee table for us. The quality of workmanship is far beyond what you find at the furniture stores. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. And Peter is also a really nice guy who is a pleasure to work with.
— L. Gordon
I wanted a stereo cabinet capable of holding 7 pieces of late 1970s stereo equipment weighing more than 300 lbs. Some of that gear is 22 inches wide and VERY few “buy at the store” cabinets were wide enough or strong enough. I also wanted to upgrade the capabilities of the equipment by adding Bluetooth, Sonos, USB, and iPod playback so all that more modern stuff had to fit and still be usable. Wiring all that equipment from the front isn’t easy so I wanted a removable back (without compromising strength). Since it was going to be heavy I wanted it to be able to roll out so I could get to the back (we ended up using removable “refrigerator-caddy”. wheels so that the wheels would not be exposed when not being used). The shelves had to be adjustable, hold 100 lbs each, AND I wanted to use restaurant-style open shelving with open air-flow. I wanted a “super-smooth rolling” drawer with no “bump” when fully extended or rolled back for a turntable, another drawer for CDs and some old cassette tapes, and space for LPs in the bottom of the cabinet. It needed access ports for wiring between components that are in different parts of the cabinets and access to power. I wanted it to use long power strips at the rear of the cabinet to handle plugs for all those components. I asked for lights in the LP area, but also lights that could be used when wiring or moving components around. I went looking around and found Peter online. Finally, I wanted it to fit in to our old house (Mission/Art&Crafts style). I wanted doors I could close so that all that 1970s stuff wasn’t exposed all the time and I wanted fans to keep it cool while running the equipment. Even though I’m clearly crazy, Peter listened to my dreaming...and then just went ahead and built what I wanted. First, Peter came to my house to see where and how the cabinet would be used. We spent several hours over several days drawing and sharing sketches, modifying them, fitting in different features, and making the cabinet as small as possible to fit better in the room. He then sent me scale drawings that I could tack up on the wall. Would everything fit, could I add a cable port here, a light there, was there enough room to still get a shelf past an installed power strip, was I sure it would actually all work? He met every single requirement AND made many modifications along the way (Quarter-Sawn oak, magnetic catches, modifiable door “windows” and Mission style hardware upgrades were all done after the final design was completed). The original budget for the proposal also stayed the same over the duration of the whole project except for the upgrades that we negotiated. Peter really “got” what I was looking for, asked great questions to firm up my basic requirements, caught problems with my basic design, AND made really good suggestions. He made my idea even better and built something I’m proud to have helped design! And finally, he delivered it to my house, set it up, and showed me how to use all the unique features he built: the wheel caddy, removable back, shelving, drawers, etc. On top of it, he made the project fun for me; I got to participate in the design, the ideas, and he built exactly what I wanted. The other thing I should mention is that Peter can “see” possibilities that I could not have figured out; solutions to things I wanted the cabinet to be that I could not have imagined. He has SO much experience and has built SO many things that he can come up with a way to make your dream possible. He didn’t tell me to say that; it’s honestly how I feel. If you have a project that can be built with wood, you should give him a call!
— B. LeMaire