Our Story

Peter Glass Woodworks serves the Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins metro areas and specializes in designing and crafting custom furniture from hardwoods including armoires, bookcases, built-in cabinets, entertainment units, paneled-rooms and architectural millwork.  Peter works with private clients, architects, home builders, interior designers, and contractors to conceptualize, design and produce heirloom furniture and high-quality millwork.  Originally established in Farmington, Connecticut, Peter Glass Woodworks has been operating in Colorado since 1994. 

Peter's Story

"Furniture is a medium that lets me express myself. When I'm in my shop, I like holding the wood, I like the feel of it going over the machines, I like the smell of it. I like the physicality of it."

Peter Glass is the founder and principle craftsman of Peter Glass Woodworks.  As the son of an architect, Peter is grounded in the fundamentals of well-balanced design in all applications.  Peter studied the techniques of fine furniture design and the craft of woodworking at the Powell and Tierney Apprenticeship Program (precursor to the Leeds Design Workshop) in Hatfield, Massachusetts, and at the Parson School of Design in New York City.  His knowledge-base was further expanded while working for the Broome Street Workshop in Soho where Peter partook in all aspects of turning a client's plans into finished and installed millwork.  

Peter is influenced by a myriad of styles from Connecticut Valley furniture to the clean lines of Japanese styles. He counts furniture makers Job Townsend, Oliflet Chapin, George Nakashima, and his mentor David Powell, as everyday inspirations in his work.  After 30+ years in the woodworking industry, Peter is still always learning and evolving. "You learn, you're always learning. You never stop. Of course, your motions and thoughts become much more economical as you go along, but the desire to learn is always there for me", Peter says.  His ever-growing skill set and multi-faceted approach to design allows him to cater to any client's needs and vision.